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Tourism Australia has launched a new A$10 million campaign in South and South East Asia challenging perceptions and stereotypes of what Australia offers the region’s travellers as a tourism destination.

‘UnDiscover Australia’ is specifically targeting high value travellers in India, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia by showcasing unusual, unfamiliar and unexpected attractions and experiences.

This campaign will shine a spotlight on some of the undiscovered and hidden holiday gems, showing there’s much more to Australia than just our well-known icons of cute wildlife and beaches. It’s surprise and delight experiences such as the Great Beach Drive between Noosa and Rainbow Beach that will be highlighted through this promotion.

It is the first time the South and South East Asia region has been targeted as part of a single, coordinated tourism promotion. The region’s proximity, huge emerging middle class, improving aviation capacity and increasingly competitive air fares present enormous tourism opportunities for Australian tourism.

It is also no coincidence that Visit Sunshine Coast’s Director of International Marketing is based in Singapore and working side by side with Tourism Australia, Tourism and Events Queensland and key travel distribution partners to increase awareness of the Sunshine Coast and expand the South East Asian region’s tourism potential.

To bust existing perceptions, one of the tag lines of the Tourism Australia campaign is ‘think again’ and whether marketing internationally or just down the road, we are consistently promoting the

Sunshine Coast as a complete package of diverse experiences.

Yes – we have incredible beaches and an enviable coastal lifestyle – but we also have wonders of nature, a natural food bowl, immersive encounters that you can’t do everywhere such as ‘swimming with whales’ and world-class events and all of this is in a geographic area that is easy to access.

VSC’s marketing approach to showcase the known and unknown is being backed by a sub-regional panel of operators from throughout the Sunshine Coast. We welcome returning and new industry members of the 2018/2019 group including Angus Richard, Tim Smith, Louise Formosa, Mark Cameron, Scott Hoskins, Fabrice Grau, Gavin Hocking and John Örnin

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