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It was a privilege to be with Shakespeare Property’s Sunny Yang last week as he finalised the purchase of the Novotel Twin Waters Resort.

It can be seen as a $100 million vote of confidence in the Sunshine Coast’s tourism economy and its potential for growth.

Securing the support of such a powerful investor can be laid at the feet of Sunshine Coast Council, which has actively promoted the region as one of Australia’s most exciting tourism destinations.

Council’s green light to upgrade Sunshine Coast Airport and put us in range of vast new markets in the Asia Pacific region has been followed by approval of two significant new upscale hotels and the decision to fund a business plan for a proposed convention centre.

It is little wonder that Shakespeare feel so confident that the Sunshine Coast offers such huge potential.

Creating the right environment for encouraging investment is not easy, but Council’s shrewd multi-faceted approach has created exactly the right environment for investors to choose the Sunshine Coast ahead of many other competing destinations.

Australia is undergoing a dramatic rejuvenation of its hotel industry, with over 250 hotels either being constructed or in advanced stages of planning, and it is important that the Sunshine Coast rides the current investment wave.

With two new hotels approved and now the commitment by Shakespeare to upgrade and expand facilities at the Novotel, it will ensure that the Sunshine Coast is front of mind when investors consider future opportunities.

It’s not just tourism infrastructure that is putting our region in the headlines. Projects such as the solar farm, the international submarine cable, the new hospital, new CBD project, rail duplication, the Bruce Highway upgrade, and expansion of our Food & Agricultural Network provide a highly impressive picture for potential investors.


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