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Membership FAQ’s

Who can become a member of Visit Sunshine Coast?

Tourism related businesses, professional support services and individuals who would like to connect with the Sunshine Coast tourism industry. Applications from outside the Sunshine Coast Regional Tourism Organisation boundary are also welcome to apply.

What opportunities will I receive for my membership fees?

Whether you’re new to tourism, an established business or just want to stay up to date with the Sunshine Coast tourism industry, being a member of VSC is a great way to stay connected and up-to-date with the tourism industry and its influence on the Sunshine Coast. Please see the membership page for a list of membership opportunities.

How can I access the image library of Visit Sunshine Coast?

Access to VSCs extensive image library is a opportunity for VSC members. Visit the Image Library for access

How do I get my brochures in the Visitor Information Centres? (VIC’s)

Distribution of your brochures through VSC’s accredited Visitor Information Centre’s (VICs) is an opportunity for VSC members only. Once your membership has been approved you can engage with a brochure distribution company or deliver the brochures directly to our Glasshouse, Montville or Sunshine Coast Airport VICs. Contact Beth Mahoney – Visitor Servicing Co-ordinator  EMAIL for further details

How will my membership fee be used?

Member fees will be used to deliver national and international marketing activity, operate the membership program and to facilitate industry development programs.

I am already a member of a local tourism body or chamber of commerce, why should I also join Visit Sunshine Coast?

Federal and State tourism bodies such as Tourism Australia and Tourism and Events Queensland deal directly with VSC as the region’s official tourism organisation, and this then provides opportunities for local tourism bodies. This means that membership of Visit Sunshine Coast provides you with an exclusive channel for maximising your business opportunities. In 2020/2021, VSC will continue to build all categories of tourism through enhanced digital, niche and traditional marketing, as well as increased consumer and trade PR, and strong partnership marketing.

What level of membership is recommended if my business is looking to specialise in Trade & International or Business Events opportunities?

In addition to the opportunities provided in your VSC membership, businesses can select a category specialised membership including Trade & International and Business Events

Operator listing frequently asked questions

List with ATDW to get your business in front of thousands of holidaymakers.

Where is my listing?

Your listing should appear in the category as specified with Visit Sunshine Coast (VSC) when you became a member or in the category that you nominated with Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW). If you cannot find your listing via either of these categories, please contact VSC as per details above.

I can see my listing on ATDW but it’s not on the Visit Sunshine Coast website?

Please contact VSC as per details above for further investigation. Please contact [email protected].

My listing is appearing in the wrong category.

Please contact VSC to update your listing in your preferred or correct category.

If I search for my listing I can’t find it? Why?

If you cannot find your listing please contact VSC.

Why are my images pixelated?

It may be a result of not loading your images to the new required sizing with ATDW or with Bookeasy. We recommend these are updated.
ATDW size requirements
2048 x 1536 pixels and no larger than 10MB
Landscape only
No logos or text can be in the image
File types jpeg or png

I’ve updated my images and/or information in ATDW but I can’t see the changes on your website?

Depending upon the time of day you updated your details/images on ATDW there may be an overnight wait for this to appear on the VSC website. Please contact [email protected].

I need help with putting my product and images on ATDW. Who do I call or email?

Contact the relevant distributor for each entity as per the details below.
Email: [email protected]
Call: 1800 629 749.

More information

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact  Anke Hoppe [email protected]
Keep an eye out for VSC newsletters and communications about further updates.

Enquiries can be directed in the first instance to [email protected]
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