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Queensland’s Sunshine Coast will showcase quintessential and immersive experiences in a new interstate destination marketing campaign.

Launched in New South Wales and Victoria this week, the campaign ‘Immerse Yourself, For real’ will highlight what sets the Sunshine Coast apart and play a pivotal role in re-establishing the destination’s interstate markets now that borders are open.

The campaign takes on a new relevance during the pandemic with extensive research highlighting travellers’ desires for nature-based experiences – something the Sunshine Coast offers in spades.

The multi-channel promotion due to run until 24 March, will be rolled out through a range of channels include broadcast video on demand, YouTube pre-roll, programmatic display, native tiles and social media targeting. What’s more, the campaign is complemented by a number of tactical trade promotions to drive bookings to the Sunshine Coast and capitalise on the destination’s popularity. This includes with Expedia and the Ignite Travel Group.

Visit Sunshine Coast (VSC) CEO Matt Stoeckel said the new campaign aims to inspire interstate visitors to plan their next holiday on the Sunshine Coast.

“We’ve used engaging visuals in the campaign to capture the attention of our customers and encourage them to come and immerse themselves (on the Sunshine Coast), for real! The creative showcases the breadth and depth of experiences available on the Sunshine Coast, in particular highlighting our natural environment which makes us such an attractive and safe destination to visit.

“With borders reopen, the time is right to re-establish our interstate markets.

“Undoubtedly, the Sunshine Coast has a world-class reputation for its premium beach and nature-based environment, and today there is even greater desire for uncrowded beaches, wide-open spaces and a genuine respect for nature, which is reflected in this campaign.”

Prior to the pandemic, the Sunshine Coast attracted 1 million overnight visitors from New South Wales and Victoria. (National Visitor Statistics to year end March 2020).   The campaign follows the Sunshine Coast taking out the number one spot as the most loved destination in the world as part of the Tourism Sentiment Index.

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