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Approximately 6 million day trippers visit the Sunshine Coast every year. Approximately 30% or 1.8 million of these holiday makers are local and from the surrounding region.

When did you last take a holiday in your own backyard?

Stockpiling leave is recognised as an entrenched workplace issue. According to Roy Morgan Research, Australians have collectively 134 million days’ worth of accrued annual leave – that’s an average of 16 days per full-time working Australian.

Amazingly, 3 per cent of workers have more than 10 weeks or more of annual leave locked away and 17 per cent don’t know how the current balance of their annual leave says the research.

I don’t have to tell you that we are fortunate to live and work in one of the most enviable coastal and hinterland locations in Australia. So instead of opting to get away for a holiday this Christmas and over summer, why not plan a ‘staycation’ to enjoy a well-deserved break and keep the holiday spending at home.

It’s warm, affordable, safe, family friendly and I am sure there is areas of the Coast you haven’t experienced as a tourist before.

Whether you’re in the mood to get active or put your feet up and relax, there’s plenty to see and do on the Sunshine Coast ( Not to mention staying at home will avoid the frustrations of red eyed international travel and returning home completely exhausted and in need of another break to get over the break.

So, get behind our local tourism industry, keep your dollars right here on the Coast and take your next holiday at home and hashtag #VisitSunshineCoast.


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