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The Sunshine Coast’s natural beauty is not something we should take for granted.

Preserving our untouched beaches and subtropical rainforest for future generations is paramount, and at the forefront of Visit Sunshine Coast’s (VSC) new Sustainability Action Plan.

As the region’s tourism organisation, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and lead by example with green initiatives.

In recent months VSC partnered with Ken Mills Toyota to upgrade our vehicles to Corolla Hybrids and placed a stronger emphasis on recycling and composting organic waste both in the office and across our Visitor Information Centres.

Alone these steps may sound small, but it’s exciting to think what could be achieved if we all started taking action towards change.

Across the tourism sector small businesses are stepping up to implement green policies.

Last week kayaking tour company Kanu Kapers donated $400 to the Queensland Koala Crusaders, money they raised through donations from visitors to offset their car’s carbon emissions.

Another interesting initiative is the relationship our hinterland breweries have formed with local producers.

At Brouhaha Brewery in Maleny the grain they use to make the beer is passed on to Maleny Wagyu who then feed it to their cattle.

The same Maleny Wagyu is served back at Brouhaha, drastically cutting food mileage and proving just how simple it can be to work together on a common cause.

Accommodation providers are also doing their part, with Glass House Mountains Ecolodge using their own rainwater tanks and recycling grey water onsite for use in their orchard.

If you’re a tourism operator going green for the environment I’d love to hear from you, email [email protected].

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