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Strategy and plans

Creating a sustainable and competitive tourism and events destination.

The Sunshine Coast Destination Tourism Plan

The Sunshine Coast Destination Tourism Plan has been prepared to provide the definitive direction for tourism and events in the Sunshine Coast tourism region aim to target and create a sustainable and competitive tourism and events destination.

Click here to download the Destination Tourism Plan

Destination Promotion

Visit Sunshine Coast (VSC) will promote the Sunshine Coast as the destination of choice in Queensland using all forms of digital media to extend reach globally.


• Strong and broad partnerships • Engaged and active members

Key strategies:

1.1 Launch the Sunshine Coast Naturally Refreshing brand pillars and leverage marketing activity
1.2 Enhance digital platform for consumers, members and trade to actively engage
1.3 Appoint Brand Ambassadors to showcase VSC as a premium brand
1.4 Leverage partnerships to extend reach and create demand
1.5 Identify and target priority segments in New Zealand to grow visitor yield, regional dispersal
1.6 Regional Tourism Organisation, Local Tourism Organisation and sub-region engagement with VSC
1.7 Leverage Visitor Information Centres against the Sunshine Coast Naturally Refreshing Brand Pillars
1.8 Promotion of environmental initiatives that protect the region’s natural beauty and length of stay
1.9 Build community recognition.

Unforgettable experiences

VSC will support members to develop products, hero experiences, events and icons that align to the region’s five pillar brands.


• Catalyst for new products • Improved visitor access

Key strategies:

2.1 Position region’s unforgettable experiences through the Sunshine Coast Naturally Refreshing brand pillars 2.2 Identify and promote Sunshine Coast icons aligned to the Sunshine Coast Naturally Refreshing brand pillars
2.3 Create demand and commercial advantage to increase overnight visitor expenditure
2.4 Develop opportunities for Glass House Mountains to be a hero destination
2.5 Support the industry to develop new businesses, products and experiences
2.6 Develop, grow and leverage events and conferences linked to the Sunshine Coast Naturally Refreshing brand pillars
2.7 Emphasise the region’s capability and capacity to hold business events
2.8 Be regarded as a credible and respected regional tourism organisation – the tourism industry’s point of reference
2.9 Expanded air access into the Sunshine Coast Airport.

Sustainable Tourism Industry

VSC will partner with the tourism industry to grow and develop visitation and trade opportunities, as well as enhance membership engagement.


• Key driver of demand • Best in class digital

Key strategies:

3.1 Broaden and strengthen membership engagement
3.2 Enlist members to be online and fully engaged with VSC digital media
3.3 Grow and develop trade partnerships
3.4 Grow and develop appropriate corporate partnerships.

Organisational effectiveness

VSC will strengthen their financial position and invest in people, systems and governance to firmly establish the organisation as highly efficient and effective.


• Financial sustainability

Key strategies:

4.1 Develop VSC workforce
4.2 Grow and diversify funding sources
4.3 Develop conference bid project and subvention fund
4.4 Underpin our decision making through research

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